The Story

The Story

How Did It All Begin?

Best Job In Turkey rose in the beginning of 2018 with the question of “What can we do for Muğla, Ortaca and Dalyan?” in which Fatih Akaslan who is the founder of Kozmacha Agency had lived in for many years.
It had its start in mid May with the destination introduction project for Dalyan and Sarıgerme district with the collaboration of Ortaca Municipality in the August of 2018 for the first time.
Our first destination was Ortaca, our first award was 30 thousand Turkish Lira and our first winner was Efe Tanay. It was a big success for Ortaca. Our project had been in the news in tens of TV, hundreds of newspaper and magazines and tens of thousands of both local and foreign websites. We have also received thousands of applications from various countries.
The 30 day program, the local managements in the Ortaca/Dalyan/Sarıgerme destination, the enthusiastic attendance of the STKs (non-governmental organizations) and the businesses and with their sincere support were shared with followers via our social media and website day by day without leaving out any places.
We have begun our new destination studies for our Best Job In Turkey project which is both exciting and fun for us.

What Is Best Job In Turkey?

Our Professional Tourist will visit the places, hotels, restaurants bars and other places that have touristic values belonging to the entire area in the destination that will be determined. The Tourist will show their impressions, experiences and stories on here and on our social media accounts.
You will not only be followed by hundreds of people but also, your food, drinks and accommodation will be free. Moreover, at the end of the project you will receive a satisfying reward.
Long story short, we only want you to travel, eat, drink, stay in hotels and live all the activities that carry a touristic value. In the end, you will receive 50.000₺ reward from us.
We provide for you to earn money by having fun, travel around and experience.
Good luck to all applicants.