The best job in Turkey is a tourism project that will last 1 month in Ortaca, Dalyan and Sarigerme regions. Between 15 May till 14thof July 2018 you can apply from our site to be the professional tourist that we’re looking for. Our jury that is talented in tourism is choosing only one person among the contestants. The winner is going to have an experience of a lifetime plus at the end of the project they are going to be rewarded with 30,000tl.


Between 1stof August 2018 till 31stof August 2018 you are going to visit all the touristic worthy places as well as hotels, restaurants, bars and many other historic and valuable places. Our professional tourist has to share their experiences, observations and stories on our social media platforms. You are going to be followed by thousands of people on our platforms while benefitting from the free accommodation, beverages and food provided by us. And at the end you will be rewarded with satisfactory prize.


Simply, we are only asking you to travel, eat, stay, walk around and do all the touristic activities that is possible. At the end you are going to win a prize of 30,000tl. We are helping you to earn money by having fun, travel and gain experiences. We are wishing good luck to all the contestants!