Sarigerme is located 12km from Ortaca with a population of 2240. On the Ortaca-Dalaman road pass the Official Government building on the right; you will then see the sign for Sarigerme. On either side of the Sarigerme road are fields of Orange, lemon and pomegranate trees which perfumed aromas fill the air on your travels.


Sarigerme was once known as Osmaniye. However, the Sarisu river which flows through Sarigerme was used as a main traffic way for transporting forestry products, the village was renamed Sarigerme as the word  “germe” means to transport. In 1980 Sarigerme received a large amount of foreign and Turkish investment, turning it into a tourism paradise. Now, high capacity holiday villages surround Sarıgerme beach and the village. Today in Iber Hotel’s border you can see the ruins of the ancient town Pisilis.


Yeşilyurt village located 5km from Ortaca with a population of 420 can be reached from the end of cumhuriyet avenue. The village is surrounded by mountains:  Goca Mountain from the west, and Asar hill and Red mountain from North. Yesilyurt’smain economy is derived from agriculture, especially cotton, citrus fruits and greenhouses. It is thought that the first settlers to the village were Hidiv Abbas Hilmi Pashas workers from Sudan.