Bird watching.

There are lots of undiscovered areas around Ortaca, especially on the Dalyan and Köyceğiz Lake. Over 172 species of bird have been logged in Dalyan alone, some of which are very rare and indigenous to the area.



Fishing is possible in Dalyan; however there are some areas and times of the year when fishing is prohibited. With an abundance of Sea Bass and Sea Bream, you are sure to do well, barbecue your catch and sample the delicious fresh flavours!



In recent days Radar Hill in Dalyan became the centre for this sport. Many visitors come to Radar Hill to experience the breathtaking and panoramic views of Dalyan’s canals, rush and Iztuzu beach. Now only allowed by professionals it is still enthralling to watch especially at the end of June – July when the International paragliding races in the Caretta Caretta tourism and culture festival take place.



The Dalaman River, the natural border of Ortaca- Dalaman, is one of the most commendable places for rafting in Turkey. Dalaman’s river has just the right current for a thrilling and invigorating trip.

Jeep Safari

Experience nature and the thrill of the ride, explore mountainous terrain only accessible by 4×4, cool off in the 12km long river, wander through old villages, and mosque ruins, drive through a flowing river, settle by a camp fire near the lake and talk about the unforgettable moments of the day. A thrilling day!!


Microlight flights.

This is truly a magical way to get a birds-eye view of the area. The motorized planes will take you over the famous Iztuzu beach, Dalyan’s canals and rush that looks like a world map from the sky, the ancient city of Kaunos and so much more. The 15-20 minute trip is an unforgettable, exhilarating experience.



For those that love to cycle, a cycling tour is a great way to experience the nature and beauty at first hand. For less experienced riders this can be a tiring trip, however you are able to go at your own pace and it will all be worthwhile. As you travel along the open road you pass through the sığla trees and a breathtaking panorama.  The Dalyan- Köyceğiz route is the most preferred one, and takes approximately one hour. In Köyceğiz village there are markets, restaurants and shops with many locally hand-made products.



Canoeing is an exhilarating way to see and experience Dalyans canals, trips can be made singularly or in twos. For those that love water and nature it is an unforgettable trip.