If I get hired, what dates will I be assigned to?
You will be in charge from 01 August to 31 August 2018.


Can a job applicant make foreign nationals?
foreign nationals are not an obstacle to the specifications set out in the criteria on the site and get a work permit in Turkey can be found in the job application.


I am married and have a child. Can I join with him?
The job applicant may be the only person to be hired. Children are not accepted.


Can I join now, working with permission?
The couple to be chosen must not be working in another institution to be recruited by Kozmacha.


If I get hired, can I be allowed on special days (illness, exam etc.)?
As a Kozmacha employee with SSK, you will have leave days.


Can I send a video during the application?
Applications that do not share the video link are not considered because the video in the application phase has the most important criteria for recognizing and evaluating the person.


What is the content of the video I will upload?
There may be videos enriched with a variety of photographs and creative effects, especially moving images, which will convince us why we should choose you for the applicant to be hired, to hire you. We leave you completely creative.


What is the content of the photo to be uploaded for reference?
It must be a distinctive picture that we can see clearly.