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Sülüngür Lake

14 August 2018 Tuesday

I wake up with my brother Mert knocking the door. He was sailing with his friend not far from Dalyan for a week and he finally came to visit me. I knew that he was going to come so it wasn’t a surprise but he is a kind of person that can change his mind all of a sudden, he could say that he is coming at night and change his mind and not appear in the morning. Sometimes he lives so unexpected that even he surprises himself to what he does.

We have a long breakfast. To be honest, sitting for a long time or resting a lot is really not for me. I love living an active life. Maybe that is why, instead of travelling to calm Europe, I recently travel to exciting Central Asia, Latin America and even to the inner Africa. My day started today as quite as Switzerland but continued as active as Kenya.

First we go to the Ekin village house café right next to Sulungur lake. Sulungur lake is a natural beauty that I was seeing at every single time that I was driving to the famous Iztuzu beach.

Ekin village house is a big place at a corner of the lake. I come to have our second breakfast closer to the lunch time. We sit to the nearest 2 seats to the lake with Mert. The owner of the place, Metin, gets prepared a fascinating table for us. He is an amazing person. He invents a drink mixture of orange and pomegranate which is a perfect mix. We have everything that we can ask for.

Right before we start eating, I see Metin giving a present to a kid sitting at the next table that finished her breakfast. I go join him. Metin reminds to the little girl that they only give presents to kids that finish their meal. So she takes her present with pleasure.

After that we get back to our table and start chatting.

Metin starts telling his interesting memories that he had throughout his 15 years of experience as a business owner, he has plenty of nice memories but I like the ones that he gains the trust of tourists with his honesty. He tells the story about returning a bag of a British tourist filled with sacks of money who left it at this place, also giving back some extra money and so on… He says, “if you fool people, you lose”. I also think that honesty always wins, it is a law of nature. Truth always wins.

I hear Metin mentioning an unknown rock tomb in between his long sentences. I don’t interrupt him but later I tell him that I would love to see that hidden rock tomb.

I am worried that some disregardful people might harm it if they learn so I don’t want to mention its location. I want this 2.500 years old ancient beauty to remain to the next generations.

After that visit, I go running with my Caretta Run t-shirt, with Mert next to the Sulungur lake. We can’t run much with the sun on top of our heads in the middle of the day but even a little run feels great after a delicious breakfast.

Well, at night we have even more physical activity. As Tanay brothers we play basketball with the Kozmacha Agency. There is no sun around to suck up our energy, so we play a nice game.



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