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Rafting in Dalaman Stream

08 August 2018 Wednesday

This is another ‘wake up early’ day. I realize once again that I don’t need a reason to wake up early in this place. I put the alarm to 6.45 but I am awake at 6.30.

Today is a rafting day but before that I need to check out from BC Spa Hotel and check in to Dalyan Hotel Palmyra. They are like 3 minutes walk from each other.

I am almost experienced enough on packing a bag to write a book, after travelling so much. I pack my bag really quick and leave it to the Dalyan Hotel Palmyra.

The minibus sent by the Kaunos tour agency that arranged my trip today, has an empty front seat, as soon as I see that, I jump next to the driver. Drivers have interesting stories in general, and today’s driver, Medeni, is not an exception. While we are jumping from topic to topic, he says that he is from Erzurum, another guy from Çanakkale interrupts by saying, “I also lived in Erzurum for 5 years” and then a guy from Manisa joins to the conversation. No one among them lives in their hometown. Turkey is like a republic of people in a jar, all mixed up inside. I might be because we were nomads in the past, people move to other places to live all the time.

Medeni says that we can reach to the meeting point of the Dalaman river rafting in 2 hours but we get in one and a half hours. We need to wait other groups. They ask if we would like to eat while we are waiting. I say, “I am fine with waiting as long as there is food to eat”.

We get the last briefing and move to the starting point.

We have a cheerful group and we name it cone, coming from the nice green pine tree forest. We get into our yellow boat, with our yellow life vests and yellow helmets. Our guide is very experienced and good.

With a lot of experience on rafting in different countries, I can’t wait to start.

At the very first turn a person from one of the boats fall, later someone else falls from another boat, there are 6 or 7 boats and in 20 minutes almost from all boats at least a person falls and gets rescued. Guides are cautious and attentive but it is less exciting this way, at least for me. I witness some people taking to each other at the place where we stop, “dude we were almost dying, what is going on” one guy says to another. Also a girl says to another girl “I don’t need any more excitement not only until the end of holiday but until the end of my life”.

We do some fast landings and strong slides but it feels like it finishes really quickly. The difficulty level of the track is 4 out of 6 and since you can’t do rafting at the 6thlevel, 4 is a good level.

They offer rice, chicken and salad at the way back. There is also bread, chips and some more food but I only focus to the healthy food.

Everyone is quite on the way back. Feels like the sun sucked out our energy. We show down in two places to see the view and that is it.

I am at the Palmyra hotel tonight. I take my computer to the riverside. I have some kebabs before starting to write.

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