Best Job In Turkey 2018 winner
Efe Tanay’s Notes

Dalyan Boat Tour
Efe Tanay I 01 August 2018 Wednesday

Finally, the day has arrived. When you wait for something, time goes by slowly [..]

Efe Tanay Caunos Manzara

Efe Tanay I 02 August 2018 Thursday

I set my alarm to one past seven to be able to do some jogging right before the breakfast. [..]

Captain June and Dekamer
Efe Tanay I 03 August 2018 Friday

I wake up with an intense excitement today. Don’t get me wrong, [..]

Köyceğiz Lake and Sultaniye Thermal Spring
Efe Tanay I 04 August 2018 Saturday

Even though, I was running around at the beach of Iztuzu until 2 am last night [..]

Love Road and Hotel Pleasure ( BC Spa Hotel ) 
Efe Tanay I 05 August 2018 Sunday

Since the beginning of the holiday, I couldn’t find enough time to have a good sleep [..]

Dalko Tour
Efe Tanay I 06 August 2018 Monday

I finish a written interview at late night yesterday but I am awake early in the morning [..]

Dalyan Mud Bath
Efe Tanay I 07 August 2018 Tuesday

I wake up to another calm day. My first week ends today and I am not tired, I am even full of energy. [..]

Rafting in Dalaman Stream
Efe Tanay I 08 August 2018 Wednesday

This is another ‘wake up early’ day. I realize once again that I don’t need [..]

Flight with Microlight and Pomegranate Gardens
Efe Tanay I 09 August 2018 Thursday

I have my breakfast at the nearest tablet to the water at my new location Palmyra hotel [..]

Toparlar Canyon Trip
Efe Tanay I 10 August 2018 Friday

After having a long chat with the journalists from Fox TV until the late night [..]

Ekincik Tour
Efe Tanay I 11 August 2018 Saturday

I wake up tired from yesterday. I carried a person on my back while going [..]

Hürpedal Women’s Bike Festival
Efe Tanay I 12 August 2018 Sunday

I had a meeting at 7.30 with 120 women at the Günlüklü Restaurant to do yoga [..]

Efe Tanay I 13 August 2018 Monday

Today, I wake up without setting an alarm or rushing to go somewhere [..]

Sülüngür Lake
Efe Tanay I 14 August 2018 Tuesday

I wake up with my brother Mert knocking the door. He was sailing with his friend [..]

Moonlight Tour
Efe Tanay I 15 August 2018 Wednesday

I visit a quite known barber shop in Dalyan in the afternoon [..]

Efe Tanay I 16 August 2018 Thursday

Sarıgerme is a little town in Ortaca. I get to visit Sarıgerme at the second part of my holiday [..]

Neighborhood market, Radar and Gözleme
Efe Tanay I 18 August 2018

I start my day with my brother Mert’s unexpected goodbye, he leaves as  [..]

Aşı Bay
Efe Tanay I 19 August 2018 Sunday

I wake up at the Sarıgerme the one club hotel. I have big room with [..]

Fevziye Blue Thermal Water
Efe Tanay I 20 August 2018 Monday

Today’s stop is Blue Thermal Water at the Fevziye village. It is natural sulfur water. [..]

Bayram and Ortaca Tour
Efe Tanay I 21 August 2018 Tuesday

One of the greatest travellers of our time, Barış said, “wake up early guys, it is feast”. [..]

Dalyan Night’s
Efe Tanay I 22 August 2018 Wednesday

I go to Dalyan from Sarıgerme in the afternoon and until that time I write and [..]

Hidden Beauty
Efe Tanay I 23 August 2018 Thursday

If they told me that “you will go to an amazing view” earlier today, most probably  [..]

Art of Dalyan
Efe Tanay I 24 August 2018 Friday

I go to sleep by planning to wake up at 5 am to write the story [..]

Back to Sea
Efe Tanay I 25 August 2018 Saturday

Today is a bir day! I will witness dekamer setting 4 sea turtles free to the sea this  [..]

Göcek Boat Tour
Efe Tanay I 26 August 2018 Sunday

I at the BC Spa hotel that I am used to stay from the first week and I am [..]

Channel Cleaning & Foreigners in Dalyan
Efe Tanay I 27 August 2018 Monday

I start my day by cleaning. I learn that I can join and help the Mugla Metropolitan [..]

Kargıcak Bay
Efe Tanay I 28 August 2018 Tuesday

Kargicak Bay is one of the places that I have been counting down to see since [..]

Efe Tanay I 29 August 2018 Wednesday

I will be helping the Orataca Municipality’s local police force (zabıta) project today [..]

Dalyan Hotels
Efe Tanay I 30 August 2018 Thursday

Today is an anniversary of the victory of the Turkish Independence war. Happy victory day! [..]

Goodbye Dalyan – Last Day
Efe Tanay I 31 August 2018 Friday

The holiday is over Efe, you know that? Feels like I wake up with a music at the background. [..]