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Neighborhood market, Radar and Gözleme

18 August 2018

I start my day with my brother Mert’s unexpected goodbye, he leaves as unexpected as he comes.

After that I leave the hotel to visit the Dalyan bazaar. The bazaar which is a little far from the center can be considered a bit big for Dalyan. I don’t see that many tourists but I see some nice shorts. As someone who doesn’t like carrying many things, I didn’t bring much stuff so it wouldn’t be bad to add shorts to my belongings.

After a bit hesitation, I decide getting blue shorts.

I get some nuts as well. I leave by spending my money to some necessary things and healthy food. With few belongings, you carry less and you can go further. I try to spend my money not for things but for experiences. During my travels, I spend most of my money for experiences and good food.

After the visit to bazaar, I go to the Mustang bar to drink pomegranate juice and chicken salad. It is a nice bar in the center but I need to see this place also at night.

The next stop is; Radar hill. I have been to this place at my first week when the sun was setting but I go during the day this time and I leave with nice and amazing pictures when I am leaving. I watch the İztuzu beach and Dalyan from this very high hill. While you are looking at this amazing view, you feel like you want to fly. I want to fly like a superman when I am standing at the edge of one of the rocks to get a picture.

I stop by at Alev pancakes on the way back. This place is by the road and has a village style. The view of the place is as good as the Turkish pancakes (gözleme). It is pastry but I finish it all, it wouldn’t be smart not to eat, once you come all the way to here. While I am waiting, I have a chat with the lady cooking it. They are very nice family and they have been managing this place since the beginning of 90’s. Therefore we can say that they are professors of this job.

After having Turkish pancakes, I start having tea, one after the other. I chill at this place for a long time but until Okan’s wedding, I don’t have anything to do. Even though, I wait for a long time, I still arrive early to the wedding.

I have the proper clothes with me for the wedding. I change really fast and transform myself from the superman mode to the Clark Kent mode.

The wedding is just like a festivity and it is fun. It starts with the first dance of the groom and bride and later we the guests join them. After that the shows start. They do different folklore dances but they do traditional Efe dances before that, I actually want to join them but it is a show and I can’t find a moment to join them. I don’t think that people realize but I actually wait to join them at any possible moment. Unfortunately, I can’t have the chance to dance.

After the wedding I have a soup and then I get to the Sarıgerme. Yes, I am going to the Sarıgerme. For a week, I will stay at The One Club Hotel.



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