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Moonlight Tour

15 August 2018 Wednesday

I visit a quite known barber shop in Dalyan in the afternoon. To get to know a place, you need to know small-scale businessmen of the town as well. I am hoping to understand Dalyan better at the Aydemir Barber shop today.

Ali, the owner of the shop, gives me a warm welcome. While we are chatting with the other clients that are waiting, they bring tea. My turn comes while we are talking mainly about tourism and then Kerim starts cutting my hair. Also before that I get my beard shaved.

Barber shop conversations are famous in Turkey. Well, actually Kerim is a bit quiet but Ali is just like a hair dresser in that sense. After telling some random stories, he tells a very funny one. Because of a misunderstanding Ali dyes a British tourist’s hair to blonde who actually wants his hair to be dyed to black to cover his grey hair. This was a misunderstanding because of the language barrier but Ali says that the tourist didn’t make it a big deal. He was his regular costumer. Someone in the shop says, “yes, Dalyan has regular tourists”. Someone else says that one person keeps on renting out his villas to the same customers for years. Most of those tourists are British and right at that moment a British tourist walks in. My brother Mert is also with me and he has been living in England for the last 10 years so he knows the British people very well. While I am having a haircut, he chats with the tourist. I can’t join to their conversation but it is obvious that the tourist is very satisfied.

I stop by at the Çağrı Pide Pizza Restaurant on the way back with Mert. I get some doner kebab with rice and another meal. Even though the restaurant is called pide and pizza, they actually have all sorts of food. When we are leaving they say that they would like us to try their fishes one day. I say “with pleasure, I have plenty of time here” but I actually realize that today is my 15thday and I have only 16 days left. I am in the middle of the work. Well, they call it a work but it is a holiday, therefore you don’t want it to finish.

In the evening when the sun is about to set, a boat from the Dalyan Boat Association arrives to pick us up from our hotel. I learn that we are going to go to Köyceğiz lake. I still can’t forget how nice water they have there. If it was another place, I probably wouldn’t want to swim at night but that place is an exception. I tell Mert to bring his swimsuit. Köyceğiz has chilly and calm water which is a mixture of salty and fresh water. I can’t get enough of swimming, just like the first time in Köyceğiz. When Mert starts swimming, he also understands why I insist him to take his swimsuit. We get out from the water when the captains; Recep and Mutlu prepare the dinner. When we are eating it gets dark.

It is forest all around but it is dark by now so we can’t see much. After a while stars appear on the sky. And this time we can’t get enough of that. We come from a city so we are not used to see such a beauty. This place is beautiful in light and also in dark.



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