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Love Road and Hotel Pleasure
( BC Spa Hotel ) 

05 August 2018 Sunday

Since the beginning of the holiday, I couldn’t find enough time to have a good sleep because of the exciting activities. I wake up at 9 am today. It is late for me but for someone having a holiday, it is still early. Let’s don’t waste our holiday by sleeping. Let’s discover and see more…

I have a long breakfast for an hour at the BC Spa hotel, right at the usual spot.

Afterwards, I take my phone and my camera to have a walk at the sevgi (love) street. This is a path that stretches along the canal of Dalyan. One side is water and nature, and the other side is full with small hotels. This is actually a road that I passed few times while I was doing my morning run but seeing it once again while having a nice walk, makes it look even cuter. There are docks around 3 to 5 meters long. They are all hardly seen among the bushes and old and poorly made but they all look so beautiful.

After that I hear a familiar language at the backside of the Paradise hotel; Russian. As a person who has been living in Moscow for 5 years, I try to pay attention what they are talking about. I take a notice that they have a nice coffee machine and I note this down as a coffee lower.

I buy a piece of salvia tea collected by hand from an old man and I give it to the waiters working at my hotel to drink it at the garden area. Right on top of a calm day like this, a calm tea like that will be perfect, what else can you ask for, I say to myself… and all of a sudden the owner of the BC Spa hotel, Kadir comes and decorates my table with dishes. He is very proud of being from Antep so he serves traditional dishes of his hometown; yuvalama, içli köfte, lahmacun and salad. To be honest they were all unbelievably tasty. Actually a story needs to be written for each dish, every bite was gorgeous. They say don’t tell us what you ate, tell us what you have seen but in this case these dishes needs to be mentioned. One of the things that make Dalyan famous is fresh fruits and vegetables.

I will have a special visit to organic food places during my tour in Dalyan so we will get back to this topic.

Now I am going to take a tour in the town.

New adventures are waiting for me tomorrow.



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