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Köyceğiz Lake and Sultaniye Thermal Spring

04 August 2018 Saturday

Even though, I was running around at the beach of Iztuzu until 2 am last night, I still manage to wake up early. I have my breakfast right next to the Dalyan canal on my side at the garden of the BC Spa Hotel. Right after 2 straight days of running around and being busy, I get a chance to chill a bit and then I write the story of yesterday. While I am writing, I live those moments again and again. As soon as, I finish writing vice president of the Dalko association, Hasan Ölmez comes to pick me up with his boat.

We leave with a perfect timing. This time I don’t even know where we are going. To be honest I feel like I am still living the story of yesterday. The view of the mountains bring myself back to me. The sound of the cricket insect and the calm water, I don’t pay attention to anything else for a moment. My mind is cloudy, I stare the adoring view.

All of a sudden the Captain Hasan says here we are.

Köyceğiz Lake.

We stop there for a while and I make my first jump from the top of the boat. My mind gets clear right after getting into the sea. After shooting some videos underwater and swimming a bit, I feel energetic again. When I get back to the boat, captain Hasan tells me about the Dalko association. “It is not allowed to do fishing here, only at the area of Dalko, fishing is allowed” he says and I respond by saying “some… catch fish here”. He says right away “It is not possible, they have controllers”. Well those who are fishing actually don’t care about regulations, they are actually loggerhead turtles, I say and we both start laughing.

Approximately in 30 minutes we arrive to Sultaniye thermal waters. The name comes from the word sultan because of the visit of the Sultans, they say. When I look around, I understand why Sultans were actually coming here. The place is known with its mud bath and the thermal waters, they tell me.

I smear myself with mud. It refreshes the skin and cleans the spots but to get the best treatment, the mud needs to dry on you. So after covering myself with mud I need to sit for 30 minutes minimum, at least I can’t get sunburn with the mud on me. But still it is difficult to kill 30 minutes, I see someone trying to dry desperately. His wife shouts from far away “Honey aren’t dry yet?” Hüseyin is confused and he responds “how did you dry that fast?” I sit next to him. He is from Adana.

When he learns that I am doing a PhD on sociology, he tells that his son also studied sociology and we start chatting. His son is almost around my age. Since he is covered with mud from head to toe, it is difficult for me to guess his age. Later his wife joins us. Meanwhile the mud on me starts drying and it makes difficult for me to move. I take few more photos and take a shower right away, and then I go eat some. They actually recommend going to the thermal water right after the mud but I take a lunch break. To be honest the mud and the thermal water; they both have a heavy smell but if it is good for health, I can bear it. I will let you guys know tomorrow, if it works.

After the thermal water I put my feet into the tank full with doctor fishes. I learn that these fishes cure by eating death skin, are actually from Sivas. Whereas, I used to think that they are actually from South East Asia since I was seeing this treatment there very often.

I get back with the sun down, my stomach full and cleaned with the thermal waters…



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