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Kargıcak Bay

28 August 2018 Tuesday

Kargicak Bay is one of the places that I have been counting down to see since I came to Dalyan. That day is today. And the good thing is I will be there with Elya, my dad and Serap Aksoy.

This bay is a bit further from the İztuzu beach and located between the mountains with a breathtaking nature. Süleyman, Orçun and Büşra are running this place. All are great people. Some complain about the road but I see that all kinds of cars can reach. Well actually all those cars arrive after us. We get there before everyone and start doing all kinds of activities that can be done at the beach.

I will be doing rock climbing with friendly and energetic guy working in here, Onur. We will climb to sharp rocks with bare hands. As a lower of action and adrenaline, I always enjoyed rock climbing but I see climbing by rope as cheating a bit. But without it, you would die at any mistake. It would be a onetime experience. And it is almost impossible not to fall at a place that you climb for the first time. Climbing without a rope is not a risk that can be taken but it is possible here and only here. Because here you climb on a sea, if you fall, you fall to the sea. We do climbing at the places that Onur picked before. I fall at the first time, over and over again. I cut my hand a bit but I still want to go to the second place. There I climb better, higher and further, at the first try. But there is no way back. I let myself down from the top to the sea.

Later we go to the cave further at the bay with the kayaks. The sea looks more and more blue and closer to the shore it looks turquoise. I am a kayak for two with Elya, Süleyman and Onur are at the mini boat, Orçun is at another boat. Our cameraman Ahmet is going from front and back.

After we make a turn from the corner we see a massive cave. It is an amazing cave and an amazing beauty inside. Even though, I have seen pictures before going there I get impressed a lot. Like always, pictures can’t show the real beautiful places nice enough. Photos can show average places nice but can’t show nice the real beauties. The beauty of this place is the smell of the forest that you breath on the way, the feeling that you feel when you put your leg into the sea. It is not a beauty that can be shown by photo. We are all amazed.

When we are back they will prepare food but there is something missing. We need to collect fruits and vegetables from the field at the backside of the bay. Seems like this will be the best thing of the day. Süleyman shows me how to do it and I collect the fruits. They have some fruits that I don’t know at this beautiful organic field between the mountains.

We collect all types. On the way back to the beach we even eat some of them. I get excited when I am passing by the pomegranate trees but they are not ready to be collected, yet. I end up looking at them only. When I get back they offer me pomegranate juice instead. I say with humor “if it is not from the field I will not drink” but it is also from their field. We even make a pomegranate cocktail with Orçun. We get to the other side of the bar and prepare mojito.

After that my dad and Serap also joins us and we have a unique meal at a very long table. Serap is a very famous acress but she hasn’t acted at a film recently, she tells us some of her stories during the meal.

After that we move to the pier with Elya to enjoy the sea once more… The sun is about to set. We think that we are about the take our last pictures but our camera operator Ahmet makes us a nice surprise and takes us to the radar hill for Elya, my dad and Serap to see the view.

We take last pictures of the day at this mesmerizing view.



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