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Hürpedal Women’s Bike Festival

12 August 2018 Sunday

I had a meeting at 7.30 with 120 women at the Günlüklü Restaurant to do yoga. But our yoga plan has cancelled, not because I was late but because they were very tired. But I have another special program with this same group for the whole day.

The second Hürpedal bicycle festival is organized by the Ortaca municipality and I am their special guest for the whole day.

Apart from the 120 women participants, there are also 10 organizers, some of the organizers are men but the festival is only for women and I am an exception.

We have our breakfast at the Günlüklü Restaurant full with maple trees. According to what they say, these trees only exist in Canada and this part of Turkey. Just because this tree is so rare, Canadians used it on their flag. We should let Canadians know that we also have those trees here and they protect them really good.

Right after the breakfast, we get onto the bikes and start riding for 45 kilometers with participants coming from different parts of Turkey. And there is also way back, ‘it will get warmer later in the day’, it might be difficult for some people, I say to myself. “Well it is a big organization and they must have thought a way”.

I see that they did.

Some buses take the participants from the place where we stop and more than half of the group continue the way by bus.

While we are biking, police controls the traffic as much as possible. Sometimes we go in two lines sometimes we bike at the side of the road and people make jokes on the way.

Since they announced my participation in advance, most of the people knew about me. Before arriving to Yuvarlakçay river 15 – 20 people comes to takes selfies with me. The more I behave friendlier, the more people come to take a picture. When we get to Yuvarlakçay I swim a bit and join to the pedalperest women cyclists from İzmir. They show a lot of interest and we take more and more pictures. I try to answer their curious questions, as sincere as possible.

When we start going back, I know almost everyone in the group. Even though, I start chatting with people while riding, we get to a narrow road and we start biking in a line. So we can’t continue chatting. After that point on, the group starts separating from each other. We are not a crowded group anymore, we are more like a long thin line.

The sun is sucking all my energy at the top of my head but I don’t feel tired from biking.

Closer to the evening, we get to Günlüklü Restaurant, where we started.

Before leaving I take a nice picture with most of the participants. A photo is the best material to remember a nice memory.



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