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Goodbye Dalyan – Last Day

31 August 2018 Friday

The holiday is over Efe, you know that?

Feels like I wake up with a music at the background. A song that explains the whole month. I couldn’t understand how this month passed really. Each moment was fun and energetic. It could be calmer but such holiday wouldn’t really be interesting for me.

I am a bit tired but today is an off day. I can have a rest.

I put up my computer to the tables next to the canal at the BC Spa hotel and start writing the day before and checking the recent news about my holiday but it takes so long to write. The messages or the memories interrupt me.

I spent 6 hours at the same table. 6 Hours full with thoughts. All of a sudden I remember jumping to the sea at one of the boat tours I made, another moment I think about watching baby loggerhead turtles reaching to the sea, after that I go for a walk at the ancient city of kaunos, I watch Dalyan from a view point, I go Sarıgerme for wind surfing. I remember the nice Turkish pancakes I ate, tasty fishes, restaurants with the rock tomb views, the Dalyan that I watched while I was flying with a microlight, rocks that I climbed in Kargicak bay, pure waters that I swam in Köyceğiz, caves that I got in Aşı bay, amazing pictures that I took at the Sulfur water, Russian that I talked at the mud bath, businesses I have seen in Dalyan, my catamaran experience in Sarıgerme and much more…

I drink my very last coffee at the Ottoman Karaoke Bar. And after that I go to the Günlüklü restaurant for my farewell event. Recai from the pomegranate farm, President of Dalko Arif, Organic farm owner Süleyman, Fatih and Recep from Kozmacha, Ahmet who did our shootings and journalists, everybody is here.

The mayor of the Ortaca, Mr Hasan also joins and we start by giving some interviews. We continue to our nice dinner and chat until 12 o’clock. The mayor thanks me but I say “I should be the one thanking you for supporting and making a project like this possible”.

We make something that hasn’t been done in Turkey before and today is our last day but I will be back in Ortaca again. If the life let’s me, I would like to see these places again and again…

We will meet again,

Efe Tanay



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