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Göcek Boat Tour

26 August 2018 Sunday

I at the BC Spa hotel that I am used to stay from the first week and I am staying at the same room. My trip will end the same hotel where I started my Ortaca – Dalyan – Sarıgerme tour but first I need to be sure that I have all the interesting things in this region.

I have been seeing tours to 12 islands at the riverside, since I came to Dalyan and there is also Göcek which is famous as well. They have planned a trip for me to visit those places.

I go to the Kardak tourism agency in the morning with Elya. We will get to the Göcek by mini bus and then we will take off from there with a big boat of Kardak tourism to visit the 12 islands. We all know the fame of Göcek but until seeing the place I have no clue. At the end of the day I understand well, why celebrities and millionaires are coming here again and again. It is a nice seaside place with good restaurants around but the most impressive thing is the luxurious boats around. The thing is such things can be found in many different places. Even though it looks so beautiful, it maybe doesn’t deserve an international interest that much. But this is my first impression; I understand that its clear water, unique beaches and unbelievable sea is the reason why this place is so popular.

Kardar tourism organized a big and strong boat just for me, Elya and the people at our team. After being around in Dalyan for so long I am used to seeing a beautiful sea but the difference here is going around among the islands. At some point, it feels like we are surrounded by the islands and we are in a massive pool. But this is just a mistake, there are spaces among those islands and we can sail further between them.

Our first stop is Bedri Rahmi bay, or with the old name Taşkaya bay. The painting that the Bedri Rahmi, an intellectual from the period after the foundation of the republic, paints it in 1974 when he visited with the Halikarnas sailers. This beautiful painting gave the name of Bedri Rahmi to this nice bay and I swim here for the first time today.

The next stop is the big island that people started naming like that after pigs swimming to the island. It has a strange name but the sea is amazing. I guess I should stop complimenting about the sea because the sea here is amazing at any place.

I start jumping from the boat here and continue jumping in different bays. There is a boat traffic here but we still manage to shoot some nice scenes here.

I end my unforgettable Göcek tour with an unforgettable meal. I eat some salad and have some drinks as well. We gather the energy that we lost under the sun and meet my high school friend Zeynep and her husband Serhat.

She came to Dalyan on purpose while she was travelling around, she probably couldn’t guess that her crazy friend from childhood would win the best job in Turkey one day. They waited until the late night for my work to be fnished. Then we had a long conversation for hours.

Zeynep was one of those people that gave me motivation and ideas when I first decided to make a travel blog, and now seeing me inside a project like this must be seeing a tree growing green that you plant.

If I am green enough, really.



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