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Flight with Microlight and Pomegranate Gardens

09 August 2018 Thursday

I have my breakfast at the nearest tablet to the water at my new location Palmyra hotel. When there is a river like that who would actually go sit inside?

There is a Russian family at the next table. When their son tries to sit next to me by accident, I invite him but he doesn’t join me. And then he turns and says in Russian that he doesn’t speak Turkish. His mother sees everything and says with a laughter, “he said it Russian not in Turkish”.

We continue our breakfast by talking about Moscow, I learn that they live very close, where I used to live. I can’t talk so much with them because I have a plan for today; I will fly. I will check out Dalyan this morning from the sky with a thing that people call Microlight.

To be honest, I worry a bit but I don’t show it much of course when they ask. Well, my father is a pilot. I know that these machines are safer that people actually think but I can’t stop thinking what the cameraman that came to interview me made news about an accident about an accident about a microlight. I try to stop thinking about it but I can’t. Meanwhile a journalist and a cameraman from a famous TV channel, Fox TV comes. They will come with me all around and record everything I do for a day.

Before I fly, I share a live video on instagram with my pilot Mustafa at the account of the best job in Turkey. Right after that I am already on air. Everything happens really quickly. I don’t have any hesitation. He asks if I am scared of turbulence, I say, “let’s go”, he says, “are you scared of flying close to the ground, I say, “let’s do it”. I have seen Dalyan from various different hills in a week but of course this is way more special. I record all that to my camera with an excitement and also I record it to my memory, since its memory stick never gets full.

I get off from the Microlight and I am at the pomegranate farm all of a sudden. We get there by car and the Fox TV also follows us. We will first collect and then taste the famous pomegranates of Dalyan but the things that you work hard, taste better. You need to deserve it first. I help 3 ladies working at the field. Esen says that they open the leaves around the pomegranate for the sun. She gives me scissors and I start working. Not the work itself the working conditions are tough, you need to count the sun as well. Less than an half an hour sun sucks all my energy. Later the owner of the field, Recai says that there is a place where the pomegranate is ready, I leave the area with a box full with pomegranates. If you are going to collect a box like me, it is an easy work but if you are going to do it for the whole day it is tough job for sure.

I pick big and red pomegranates for my black box.

And after that I drink the juice of those pomegranates at the yalicapkini restaurant. After that I get fishes, side dishes and salads. There is some water next to us and little turtles around. This place has an authentic atmosphere. I need to come here again, especially, for a morning coffee.

I go to the iztuzu beach later. Don’t tell it to anyone but I feel like complimenting, every time I talk about iztuzu. This place is a unique for sure. I just swim for ten minutes and sunbath for a bit.

It is great to have a beach time right on top of a nice meal but the fun for today is not done yet. The next stop is the spa of the BC Spa hotel. I knew that there was a nice spa at downstairs of the BC Spa hotel but I didn’t know that it was that beautiful.

As if I got tired, I get a Swedish massage, on top of all that fun and activity.

Most probably today is the busiest day since I started working.

Excuse me, that I named all this as a job but that’s how they call it, what can I do? I am actually the best worker in Turkey.

Now I am at the sky lounge which is at the top of the Palmyra hotel, writing my story with my guests from Fox TV.



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