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13 August 2018 Monday

Today, I wake up without setting an alarm or rushing to go somewhere. After a quite breakfast at the garden of the Palmyra hotel, I spend some time until 10 am. I hang out on internet and read the news a bit. I am free until 2 pm, today. They organize my day like this to give me some rest after that many busy days but I have a different plan. I remember seeing a gym when I was doing a morning run and I decide to spend my day by doing a tough training.

I eat a 6 egged omelet right after a long training, I had 4 boiled eggs before the training and I order another type of omelet (menemen) with 4 eggs at the Likya Pension. It is 14 eggs altogether.

As a person who lives that active and doing sports, protein is surely important for me. As a person who doesn’t eat more than a slice of bread a week, who is very skeptical with sugar and pastry, nothing else leaves for me to eat, apart from vegetables and meat.

After the lunch I go to the riverside of the Likya Pension to do fishing. For today, all I have to do is fishing.

To be honest, I don’t know much about fishing but Inanç teaches me as a master. He has a fishing materials shop at the Dalyan market. He turned his hobby to his job but while we are talking, he says that he used to find more time for fishing when it used to be his hobby. ( You can find him at www.facebook.com/DalyanBalikAvi )

Just like in every other job, there are easy but important details here. Maybe even a five minute long training is enough to learn the basics but later I find out that there is another detail that I miss. Fishing during the daytime is not preferred.

I lower my expectations and put the fishing rod aside and grab the Captain June’s book signed given to me as a present by her. I realize that I lose the food at the fishing rot while reading about Captain June that I mentioned at my 3rd day story 

This tiny detail about timing, leaves me without a fish today.

Well to be honest, there are fish restaurants all around in Dalyan, so I am fine.



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