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Fevziye Blue Thermal Water

20 August 2018 Monday

Today’s stop is Blue Thermal Water at the Fevziye village. It is natural sulfur water.

This place which is 5 kilometers away from Sarıgerme impressed me a lot when I first saw the pictures. Since the beginning of my Ortaca tour, I have been planning to come here. The reason why I have been counting down to see this place is probably because I love the blue tones and especially the color turquoise.

You reach to this place from a road coming from the entrance of Sarıgerme but there are not many signs showing the way. To be honest not many people know this place. I get surprised to see that such an amazing place like this has been preserved this well. There is a poorly made café and an old wooden bridge, and also handmade barriers and stairs around.

This image makes it look even more special. It looks very mystical and totally natural. It is such a place that you wouldn’t question if it is natural or not. This old look and natural atmosphere makes it more photogenic. It wouldn’t look that beautiful if it was decorated with quality things.

Someone called Hüseyin opened this place 40 years ago and his family runs this place. They welcomed me with hesitation but I need to say that later they were very friendly.

The sulfur water coming from the mountains and the mud underneath is very good for the skin diseases. “Coming once in 2 days is enough” says Afet who is working there. When we start having a chat, the lady who has been listening very carefully what I have been saying, prepares a nice meal for me. Before going into water I eat this nice and healthy village food.

It is a mesmerizing color. I fall in love once again to the color while I am going in. When I dive in and open my eyes inside, I get amazed even more. Such a color doesn’t exist in anywhere else.

There is strong smell but I am used to this smell from the Sultaniye thermal waters which I visited at the first week. The minerals are different here so the color of the water is also different.

After going around a bit in the water, I take few more pictures and start leaving. But before that I have a quick chat with a Turkish girl from Austria while putting some mud on me. This mud is totally natural and it sticks on me when I go into the sulfur water, it goes off right away.

Every time I look at the photos of this day, I won’t be able to believe how blue the water was.



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