Who can apply?

Everyone who is older that 18 years old can apply to this experience of a lifetime. You do not necessarily have to be experienced in this subject. However, as the most basic necessity, we expect you to speak English at a good level.

Is it okay not to send a video during application?

The video in the application process is the most important criteria for us to get to know and evaluate the person. Therefore, the applications that does not have a video link will not be taken into consideration.

What should the contents of my video be?

The applicant particularly should be on the video following with videos enriched with animations, various photos and effects to persuade us on why should we choose you. We leave it entirely to your creativity.

What should the contents of the application photo be?

It should be a distinctive photo where we can see you clearly.

I am married and I have children. Can I join with my family?

We can only hire one person for the job. Children/Spouses/Lovers are not accepted.

How do you pick the winner?

We decide with a jury we will form by local dynamics in the determined destination for our project as Kozmacha.

Do I have to bring any supplies with me?

You should bring your stuff for personal needs. Moreover, equipment like camera, laptop etc. could be an advantage for the photographic shooting you will do in the area.