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Ekincik Tour

11 August 2018 Saturday

I wake up tired from yesterday. I carried a person on my back while going down from the mountains and I stayed until the late night to be able to write the whole story for you guys.

I take a tour with ‘the boat tour association with food’ after having a breakfast at Palmyra hotel. Since I took my first day tour with that same company, I know where their boats are located. They have better, cleaner and definitely nicer boats than the boats in general. Our captain Tolga’s boat is equally beautiful. Our first stop is ekincik cave, a little further from the iztuzu beach. It takes approximately one and a half hours with a slow ride. I have an experience from my previous trip; bays that are far away have clear water. The cave that we visit is no exception to that. Just like at my very first boat trip, I jump from the top of the boat few times.

I stay long inside the cave and take a lot of videos and pictures. I will be in Dalyan for a lot more time and I will come to bays like this again therefore I get back to our boat without any hesitation but if I was staying for a short time, it would have been difficult to leave this beautiful place. When I get back, the captain is serving tea. I check the view with a tea glass in my hand while heading to ekincik bay. This bay has very tiny rocks instead of sand and it is surrounded with very green forests. There is also a little village at the back side of the bay.

“We are not done yet, now we are going to semizce bay” says the captain. It is amazing all around; the blue waters, the green nature and the clear sea accompany us on the way. That is what makes Dalyan special, its nature.

Captain starts preparing the lunch and I understand once again why they call it a boat association with food, they have fantastic dishes, all are home made. It is done by the captain’s wife actually. I don’t want to exaggerate but it really tastes very delicious with the atmosphere of the sea, sun and the holiday. After having chicken and meatballs after the mezes, there is no one happier than me.

On the way back we stop by at the red corner bay. This is the furthest point that we visit today.

On the way back, I lay to the front part of the boat and watch around.

When we get to the Iztuzu beach, I don’t feel like swimming anymore. I had enough swimming for today but running at Iztuzu sounds like a good plan. On top of the physical tiredness from yesterday and also today, I just run to the middle of the beach and back but do not forget that the beach is actually 6 km long.

Captain serves us a very red nice watermelon.

And we reach to our Dalyan.



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