Efe Tanay

Efe Tanay worked as a lawyer in Istanbul, Ankara and Rome. He was later graduated from Hacettepe University with an IT Law masters degree. He started doing his PhD on Sociology at the most respected University in Russia; Moscow State University. Efe Tanay has been living in Moscow since the end of 2013, he has done some business before starting his PhD and recently he has been teaching English in Russia.

He did his very first trip abroad when he was 12 years old. His parents sent him to a language school where there were no Turks. Later on, when he became 18 he continued traveling by backpacking around Europe. While he was studying Law at the Ufuk University, he traveled very often but back then he never published them on any media. After that, he traveled to some uncommon destinations such as; Myanmar, Somali, Zambia, Kyrgyzstan, Belize, Botswana, Guatemala and generally he travelled them from one corner to another by ground. Efe, has been writing a blog in Turkish for the last 6 years which is called seyyar kalem and he has been meeting locals, visiting unusual places during his trips. He published dozens of travel articles on Turkish newspapers and he has also been posting travel videos on internet. Apart from travel articles he also published articles on politics in English, Russian and Turkish.

As a former national archer, he has been a champion in Turkey. Efe was also interested in track and field and basketball for some time. He recently ran a full marathon and he made to quarterfinals in Men’s Physique competition in Moscow. Efe loves wild animals as much as he loves sports.

He was born in 1985 and he speaks fluent English, Italian, Russian and he has been learning French.