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29 August 2018 Wednesday

I will be helping the Orataca Municipality’s local police force (zabıta) project today. I am right next to them right after a long breakfast at the BC Spa hotel. We start with a long chat at their central Office next to the mosque.

They all know our Project and they have been following for a long time but when I learn their Project I respect them a lot. They are checking the places that fits with the criteria of ISO 22000 – 2005 standards and they find out that 30% of the places fit to the requirements. The Municipality officers decide to give certificates to the ones that fulfill those requirements instead of giving fines to the ones that cannot. This way they increased the number of places to 79%. Food specialist of the Murat Erbil says that this is their boss Fahrattin’s success. This motivation increase the whole success in Dalyan. We will give the certificates to the top awarded 3 hotels with the officer Nurcan Batıbey.

First stop is the champion, Dalyan Resort’s owners Yücel and Fulya Okutur couple. Yücel says that he wouldn’t accept this without his wife but unfortunately she can’t join because she was working at the kitchen that made them get the award. Yücel is a very nice and kind person, I get it right away after a short talk.

The next stop is the second place winner, Holiday Calbis. The owner of the Hotel Gökmen Mıhçıoğlu is not there therefore we present the award to the manager Ramazan Coşkuner. We make a quick tour at the hotel. It looks a like great hotel with nice gardens and beautiful pools.

Michalangelo Boutique Hotel is the third place winner. Here the owner Dilara Albayrak welcomes us. They are all very gentle and kind. You can tell that every single detail has been picked specifically. Elya pays attention to that right away. They are not very happy to be at the third place, they actually missed the first place with a very small margin, they even got full point at the second control. “Well, next time” says Dilara.

I will climb to the top of the mountain where the rock tombs are located but there is a special way reaching this point and there is a father of this road, we can’t do it without it. It is Murat Demirci who marks the pathways for tracking and biking at a road called Eco trails of Caria and Lycia. Murat has been working at the area for a long time and marked these pathways one by once for kilometers and made maps according to the regulations. These places has become the roads that match the points of dozens of ancient civilizations that lived on these places. We will climb to the highest peak of Dalyan to see it clear. It has been possible thanks to South Aegean Development Agency and we will officially open it at the October, says Murat, while we are arriving to the top. After that Dalyan is right under us, we even go further and have a look at the Köyceğiz view as well.

We end our day at the Çağrı Pide Pizza Restoran with a nice meal of Kebab.



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