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Dalyan Night’s

22 August 2018 Wednesday

I go to Dalyan from Sarıgerme in the afternoon and until that time I write and have a rest at the hotel.

I will visit 3 different places today at the center of Dalyan. Caretta Caretta Restaurant, M&M Rock Bar and Green Bar.

I start my tour at the Caretta Caretta restaurant but since the sun is still on top, it is not possible to sit at the tables next to the canal. When the sun sets those tables will be as valuable as gold. There are also tables at the shadow but the people at the team decide to wait few hours and come at night.

I spend most of those hours by with the owners of M&M Rock Bar, Müfit and Mustafa. Their partnership starts 14 years from today. They both move to Dalyan from somewhere else and the business that they started unexpectedly grew in years and became one of the biggest on the main street. This is the only Rock Bar in the region. They play English music at the entrance and mostly live Turkish music at the backside.

While we are there, some South Africans and British tourists are chilling at the tables around us. Someone from Efes Pilsen Beer Company calls Müfit after seeing the photo that they share on social media. The story is very interesting, so one of the foreigners sitting next to us is actually the CEO of the Efes and the guy who is calling Müfit tells this but by the time that we learn all that the guy already leaves.

While waiting I get some local tastes like olive oil, pomegranate tea and some nuts at the Dalia shop, right in front of the former municipality building of Dalyan. And going around it becomes 6.30 and they prepare our table right next to the canal at the Caretta Caretta restaurant. I order the same steak with vegetables that I had at my first visit. And while waiting, I hear a familiar language from the table behind me; Italian.

I say ciao and start chatting with them since I get a chance to speak Italian only once in a while. I didn’t forget the language since the times that I lived in Rome and I also improved this melodic language from time to time. I learned the language also because Italians are warm just like us. As soon as I turn and start talking things get friendly. I heard Russian several times since I came to Dalyan but I never started chatting with them like this. Let’s be honest, Russians are cold compare to Mediterranean people.

I get back to the M&M Rock Bar after the Caretta Caretta Restaurant and try working as a waiter. The table I serve is a table of British people. They are also known by being friendly but the elder man at the table is quite cold but the other 3 are friendly and kind. It is not possible to define a whole nation under one definition. There are also cold Brits and warm Russians, of course. But you rarely see a cold Italian.

I stop by at the Green Bar, not far from the M&M Rock Bar. This place is one of the favorite places of the locals of Dalyan, they have the view of the Rock Tombs and nice decoration with a live music. I know the owner of the place, Tarık, but I don’t want to take his time since the bar is too crowded today. It is the second day of the feast and everywhere is crowded. I have a beer and move. I will come back here anyway before the end of the month.

I end my day at the M&M Rock Bar that I visit for the 3rdtime in a day, by listening the live music at the backside. He plays Barış Manço, what else can I ask for at this time of the night?



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