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Dalyan Mud Bath

07 August 2018 Tuesday

I wake up to another calm day. My first week ends today and I am not tired, I am even full of energy.

I spent my last night at the caretta caretta restaurant with a nice steak and an amazing view. Later on, I joined to a nice chat at the Green bar.

I ate so much last night that I don’t have any space left in my stomach to eat. I eat the smallest portion of breakfast; since I came to Dalyan but I still had my coffees.

I finish the things I had to do on internet until 2 pm and check the news a bit. Since the beginning of the project there has been a lot of news about the best job in turkey and I only took a glance at them. Today I read them all. It is actually very interesting to read things about yourself, written by people that don’t know you. I guess this is the best thing about having a bit of fame. People say anything about you. This way you learn how you look from outside and what people are actually thinking about you. Warts and all, you learn everything. It is a good opportunity to correct yourself, if you don’t get offended easily.

I get to the Dalyan Peloid Mud Bath around 2 pm right across the BC Spa Hotel. I get rubbed with a coarse bath-glove at the Turkish bath alone and I get a foam bath after that. I relax a bit and take my time. I feel like my skin is breathing and I go to mud bath.

Tourists flock to Peloid but fortunately it is big place. It is even better when there are people around. There I meet some Russians, one is from the Bashkir region, their mother tongue is also a Turkic language, so he tells me few things in Turkish, later we continue in Russian.

I put on two kinds of mud and I go to the showers after taking pictures as usual. After it dries on me, it is not so easy to clean it up. I kind of scrape some parts. The mud bath is full with tourist coming from Marmaris and almost all are foreigners. There are only few Turks. There is a Turk next to me at the shower, asking his brother to help for cleaning. It is so funny to watch people while they are all trying to wash up.

My next stop is the spa center inside. I make a face mask there, for the first time in my life. To be honest, it feels like it works. When I leave, my face and my skin feel softer.

I had a mud bath few days ago also in Sultaniye which also felt different but I guess this one is a bit more effective, maybe because I was at a Turkish bath before going into the mud bath. This place is approved by the ministry of health and it is known that if is good for some skin diseases.

After all that relaxation I go to the Sahil restaurant right further down to street where all the bars are. The sun is still shining, vibrant all around. The restaurant is located right across the rock tombs, next to the river. They prepare me a nice Turkish dish with mixture of dishes which we call meze in Turkish and I take out my computer to write my story, right at this unique spot.



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