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Dalyan Hotels

30 August 2018 Thursday

Today is an anniversary of the victory of the Turkish Independence war. Happy victory day!

I need to say bye to my girlfriend Elya to go to Moscow but actually I want to live this story all the way to the end with my girlfriend, since not much time left to the end but she needs to get back to work and I will continue working for 2 more days. My work today is quite difficult but I am volunteered for that and I will do it with pleasure. I will clean Dalyan.

I learned from Mark during our interview that there are British and Dutch people that moved to Dalyan and they have a group called Dalyanlı here. I have a busy schedule but I will squeeze this to my program. I decide joining to this nice organization by giving up doing some other things, just to find time for it. We are a ten people group and they are all British. Mark told me before that no Turks actually join as a volunteer but I was still hoping to see some Turks anyway. Turks are the ones throwing those garbage and it is the foreigners that moved here later, cleaning them. They work once in 2 weeks during the summer and every week during the winter and collect piles of garbage from the river and sea and they do it without expecting anything.

Our captain’s gas expenses are paid by the Ortaca Municipality but someone else wouldn’t even do it if they are even paid for it because he is taking his boat to points that might harm his boat and we get off from the boat at those places to collect garbage. There are many dirt that we are collecting and I am actually ashamed to write all. We also have a chat during our work and I learn that one family is here only for 2 weeks and they are joining us. I respect them even more. We need to thank this British family for cleaning the river instead of laying on the beach.

I get tired after the work in the morning but I am happy to be able to do something for Dalyan.

Later in the day I am a guest of Akgün at the Konaksu Hotel for an hour. We sit at the nice interior and shoot some pictures, drink pomegranate juice and have a nice chat. After that we are at the B&B Boutique Hotel to have a coffee but we will come here again at night.

Today is also my dad’s and Serap’s last day. I have a lunch with them and after they leave I go to the B&B Boutique hotel.

Alev and Çiğdem are two young women and they are running this place. This place is one of the cutes hotels in town, you can tell that the places is managed by a women by its beautiful decoration and little nice details.

At our menu, we have the dishes that Ataturk likes, since it is a victory day. Alev takes out a Turkish traditional guitar which we call saz. We sing, eat and drink raki till late night and most probably I am having the best night since I come to Dalyan, at this B&B hotel.



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