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Hidden Beauty

23 August 2018 Thursday

If they told me that “you will go to an amazing view” earlier today, most probably I would have said “Well I have seen so many beautiful views during these 3 weeks, I even flew with a microlight and saw the Dalyan from above, what else can I see?” We actually shouldn’t take a decision right away. Today the view and the way to reach that view, they both were really nice memories.

First, I start by chatting with the owner of the Casa Nova Restaurant Alper Yalılı. This place has an elite European design, nice decoration, a rich menu and it looks better than most of the restaurants in Dalyan. Every time I stop by, I see well dressed tourists spending time here at the Casa Nova Restaurant.

Today I meet Alper to talk about his family’s very famous house with a great view. This place is located at the opposite side of the radar hill on İztuzu beach at the top a hill. The place is called Çandır and Ölemez but I guess it doesn’t have a proper name.

I eat a quiet and long meal at Alper’s restaurant and after that I get going to that famous hill.

First we pass to the Kaunos side with a small car ferryboat. We have our operator Ahmet’s nice and good 4×4 to climb the hills because it is such a road that only such cars can go. We go for 45 minutes but the first 5 minutes of this is a road, the rest is pathway with rocks. It actually shouldn’t take that much time but we lose our way again and again and find it later, the pathway is so confusing.

We call and ask directions once in a while. If we didn’t have a proper car, it is not such a road that we could continue. Actually, we don’t know what we will get at the end, we just keep on going. We also hurry up a bit because the sun is getting ready to set.

The road gets bad once in a while and we get sick a bit in the car. All of a sudden… we arrive without vomiting.

I feel that very known feeling, “It is all worth it”.

What a view, oh my god.

We start taking pictures all around.

There are few guys drinking at that place since 12 o’clock in the morning, I start chatting with them. One of them knows me and the best job in turkey project. He took his shirt, feels a bit drunk and happy. I don’t know how but we start talking about the economy. He says, “the economical crises can’t effect us, we take our food from the land and the sea, we don’t use money. I show him the alcohol which made him that happy.

He answers with laughter, “well, we bring them from different places without a tax”. They look from above and give directions to their friends doing fishing. They tell where the fishes are by looking. When I look down again, everything seems so clear, including the underwater.

They tell us about a beach where there are no boats arriving and sea turtles are nesting, a beach that is totally untouched, it is only 10 minutes from where we are.

10 Minutes later we are there.

It is a beach that is like left only for us.

I find two very old houses when I go into the bushes at the backside of the beach. It looks quite scary actually. I get in but my memory kindly reminds to my brave mind that the deadly snakes live around, and then my memory once again reminds that they love living in such places. I don’t want to risk myself more.

I get back to the beach. I walk from one side to the end at this empty beach.

The way is one story and the location we arrive is another story today.



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