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Dalyan Boat Tour

01 August 2018 Wednesday

Finally, the day has arrived. When you wait for something, time goes by slowly, just like me counting down for my new job. Well I say job but actually it is a holiday. They don’t call it the ‘Best Job in Turkey’ for no reason. All I have to do is to have a holiday and show how beautiful Dalyan and Ortaca is.

They arranged me one of the nicest hotels in town, right at the heart of Dalyan; BC SPA Hotel. After having a nice breakfast, I moved to the boat. Media has been showing a great interest since the beginning of the project, so we had a lot of guests from the media for our very first trip.

I was the boss of the boat so I said to the captain, “take us to the rock tombs”.

Rock tombs are very ancient and amazing carvings which were made during the Kaunos times and they are considered as one of the iconic images of Turkey. Even though I am a person who wants to see and understand history from very close, today I just greeted them from far away. We will do tracking to check them closely.

Right after giving some interviews, I chilled a bit at the iztuzu beach. Iztuzu is actually one of the best preserved beaches in the world. After that we got to the hole island which was literally breathtaking and one of the best moments of the day was jumping from the boat to those clear turquoise waters.

On the way back to Dalyan, I asked our captain from ‘yemekli tekne turu kooperatifi’ to take us to the ala lake. Only because I knew how beautiful it was and I couldn’t resist seeing it. But actually when you see that many beautiful places in one day, you can’t appreciate each of them as much as they deserve. Today every single stop that we had during our trip increased our expectations.

This is just the first day and I am here for a month. Lucky me.



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