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Dalko Tour

06 August 2018 Monday

I finish a written interview at late night yesterday but I am awake early in the morning. I go running before the breakfast. I run from one side to all the way to the rock tombs at the other side with a good pace and I end my training at the BC Spa hotel.

My breakfast is as usual but my lunch today will be very different. Today I am visiting Dalyan aquaculture products association which is called Dalko and I am going to taste famous blue crab of Dalyan.

I drink 4 cups of coffee at the side while having my breakfast and right after that I go to Dalko, an association that has been functioning since 1971 with its 500 partners. Dalko is an association that has a major role on protecting the nature of Dalyan. At the period of Özal the area was registered under the special nature protection union which helped them to exist that long, for so strong.

I reach to Dalko with a mini boat in a minute from the other side of the river. This is a clean, nice and a respected place by the locals. I would like to mention that since the beginning of my visit I hear so many nice things about them. The president of Dalko, Arif Yalılı welcomes me. Even to his elder age, he is very dynamic and hardworking, since he is known as the person who holds the association together, this strong side of him doesn’t really surprises me. I respect Yalılı, when I learn that he increased the summer fish breeding from 20 – 60 to 100 tons.

After visiting the facility a bit, they show me the famous blue crab. When I want to hold it, they hesitate a bit. “If it catches your finger we would need pincers to open, be careful” they say. After few photos and videos, I end playing with this cute colored, scary looking but delicious crab, with all my 10 fingers on my hand.

I have a quick chit-chat with a tourist group visiting Dalko from Czech Republic, before moving to eat. I wonder what they are thinking about Dalyan. The guide answers with pleasure, “It is no nice that they protect the nature that well in this place”.

After that they serve me a red crab to eat. I warn them right away, “but I was going to have a blue crab” but I learn that they turn red after being boiled. Dalko is an interesting experience for me because I keep on learning things here. For instance, the eggs of grey mullet are not like small balls but more like piece as big as a hand or I also learn how those places function where they keep fishes.

If we get back to the blue crab, it is difficult to eat it but the reward inside is worth the struggle. After finishing the crab with extreme joy, we go to the fish farm with Yalılı.

He tells me the whole process, one by one. For someone like me who doesn’t know anything about this, it looks interesting but he lives with it, so he knows all the details. He takes me around and informs me about the farm and on one side he is giving orders to people around and on the other side he is solving some problems on the phone.

He tells me that he enlarged the holes on the fences by a half centimeter and this allows fishes around 200 grams to escape which helps them to produce more fish for the next term. This helps them to get tons of more fish.

While I am listening him with full attention, I learn that a half centimeter touch can actually chance something in tons, in such a short time.

I am heading to my hotel after leaving Dalko to write down the notes of this educative day.



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