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Channel Cleaning & Foreigners in Dalyan

27 August 2018 Monday

I start my day by cleaning. I learn that I can join and help the Mugla Metropolitan Municipality workers to clean the canal. I go with pleasure for the nature.

At first, I collect the garbage at the riverside and then I go to help to teams taking the dirty waters of the boats. At last, I help cleaning the road and push the dirt under a mini truck cleaning the sideways.

A day starts by doing a bit of work for Dalyan. After that I have a meeting with the foreigners living in Dalyan. I visit Ali and Seher, coming from Istanbul, at their cute, little shop where they make handmade objects, next to the street where there are bars. They welcome me kind and nice, just like the other times. They named this place after their 6 years old daughter and she actually has an effect on their decision of moving here. Little Piraye has an allergy to animal products and she needs to eat healthy. Dalyan is a good choice for health, I believe.

On the way to our second visit, I fix my lacoste watch at a shop in the center. With my new watch on my wrist, I go to meet with Mark who has been living in Turkey for 27 years, a British but a Turkish by heart. I realize that we have actually met at my first week for a very short while. Mark has been living in Dalyan for 6 years and married to Hülya for 20 years, they moved here from İzmir. Mark says that here is a heaven while we are chatting. Well, we all wonder why he moved here and left England. Seems like he never hesitated even, and it has been a long time since he got a Turkish citizenship. He talks Turkish just like a Turk, “you Turks are very welcoming but you leave a lot of dirt around” he says. He continues by telling us about the tours that he makes with his foreigner friends to clean the canal.

I get to Dalyan Agricultural Chemicals shop to talk to Yusuf Tatar, Yeşim Tatar and İsrafil Şanal who came from İzmir and İstanbul. They are all agreed that the nature here is amazing. They are working and having a holiday at the same time.

But Rebecca Özdemir’s life is even more interesting. She has been living here for 15 years but it is not the nature that brought her here, it is love. She moved here after meeting a hotel owner Emrah, I tell her, “you wouldn’t fall in love with Emrah if Dalyan wasn’t that beautiful” and we all start laughing. Rebecca has been following the best job in Turkey project from the very beginning even before I won it. So she know every detail about it but then she says something about a canyon and says nice things with a Turkish that she makes little mistakes sometimes. I don’t understand at the beginning. When she tells a bit more, I realize that the girl that I saved at the Toparlar canyon who injured her knee actually was staying at Rebecca’s hotel. They told her about me again and again, Rebecca says, “you were their hero” while I am leaving.

We will have a dinner at the Çağrı Pide Pizza Restaurant but before that I will have a chat with the owner of the BC Spa hotel, Kadir. He is originally from Antep but he lived in Istanbul all his life and made an amazing carrier, starting from zero. He is the founder of one of the best hotels in Dalyan and also he made a statue of Atatürk, roads, rehabilitation center, a football pitch, mosque and some more, some are also on progress.

Even though I had  long chats with him before, I am amazing by him once more when I learn his plans for the future because at one side of my mind, I always remember that he made is success starting from the bottom. He is the real example of success.



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