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Bayram and Ortaca Tour

21 August 2018 Tuesday

One of the greatest travellers of our time, Barış said, “wake up early guys, it is feast”. I respect Barış Manço just like any other Turkish person who loves travelling. He is a man of this world. I listened him and woke up before 6 and got to the central mosque of Ortaca before 7 o’clock.

I attended the praying with the people from the project and we greeted each other there. Before, I wrote that people in warm places wake up late but when it is a feast, it is different. When people get together, they start praying. When we were leaving I greeted an old man. He becomes one of the first people that I greet.

After that I get back to the The One Club Hotel at Sarıgerme. Until 11 o’clock I finish 2 breakfasts but I leave some space for the meat of the sacrificial animal. I am a special guest of the head of the municipal police force, Fahrettin, today. They are both very nice; the meat and the conversation with Fahrettin.

Since the beginning of the best job in Turkey, I had a chance to be with him at the same place for few times. And the best thing I know about him is how much he improves himself. On top of that he is local so he gives a lot of tips, every time we meet. He gives tips also today about the Ortaca city center that I will visit later today.

Ortaca can wait but the barbequed meat shouldn’t wait. Fahrettin prepared a special table for me. I have an amazing meal. After that we have a greater chat at his garden. He tells me how he arranged this place. He continues his official life and his village life at the same time that is probably why I like him.

I leave his place with a full stomach and a happy face.

Ortaca seems even better with a nice mood. Today is the first day of the feast, all the streets are empty. As if they emptied for me to shoot better videos. We shoot some nice videos from the ground and the sky.

After having a walk around Ortaca, I continue my way. Today is a day with a lot of stops and the next stop is Dalyan.

I sit at the Sky Lounge with a nice view. I was actually planning to eat but I don’t feel hungry at all. I just drink water all that time.

After taking some photos in Dalyan I get back to my hotel in Sarıgerme. The day that started very early, ends also early. After having a rest at the hotel, I find myself a place in between the bar and the restaurant and turn on my computer to start writing my dairy.



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