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Back to Sea

25 August 2018 Saturday

Today is a bir day! I will witness dekamer setting 4 sea turtles free to the sea this evening at the Iztuzu Beach.

And until the evening we spend time in the center of Dalyan with Elya, a bit at the Green Bar and then at the canal side of the BC Spa Hotel. On the way we have a look at the rock tombs, symbol of Dalyan, from far away.

To see the other symbol of Dalyan, loggerhead turtles, we go to the dekamer which is at the Iztuzu beach. As soon as I get in, I see the head of Dekamer Professor Yakup Kaska giving information to the visitors with pleasure and a great attention. I listen from far away without interrupting. He is answering the questions right next to the tanks that the turtles are being treated. Who knows how many times he answered those questions but he answers without missing a single detail. I am sure again that he is doing his job with pleasure at that time. He sees me at during of his speech and turns and greets.

After a short talk, they bring the cars and 4 lucky turtles are put into the large pans and put into the cars. One of the turtle is herbivore. It is a green sea turtle (Chelonia Mydas) which has a more risk of extinction than loggerhead turtles. A great work is being done and I am very happy to be a part of it.

We get to the beach with the car of dekamer. There is a space for me but we squeezed a bit, they give me a small box to hold. I am speechless from joy. There are baby loggerhead turtles in the box. I am sitting with a box full of loggerhead turtles. I can be able to express how beautiful feeling it is.

When we get to the beach I call Elya with excitement who got there by another car. She doesn’t understand why. I call her in Russian so that other people don’t understand, maybe she won’t have more chance to see those baby turtles that close again. She gets super happy. I call her because I know that she would like them as much as I do.

There are over 100 people waiting at the beach to see the turtles to be released. After the informative speech of the Yakup, people take out their cell phones and these turtles that got healed by dekamer, make their first steps to the sea.

When they get into the sea, I swim with one of them. After that they get ready to release the babies. Actually, releasing babies is a surprise but I know it by the nice surprise in the car. That is why I don’t follow the big turtle in the sea so long.

All the babies are cuter. When the babies start pedaling, people start yelling with joy. I watch them from behind until they all get into the water.

After that a journalist from Anadolu Agency asks me to give an interview for them and I jump in front of the camera again to talk about the project and my holiday.

On the way back, we eat at the caretta caretta restaurant. After having delicious dishes with a great view, we move to the Ottoman Karaoke bar. We taste some nice fruit cocktails and a healthy ice cream. Before getting back to the hotel, I want to say hi to Ali who makes sandals and also show his shop to Elya. I tell her that I visited Ali, like a week ago but Elya already read the story on internet. She kind of knows Ali already.

Ali welcomes me with interest as soon as I get in and his daughter starts before Ali, “Efe we read your article, we are very impressed, we got emotional and shared it with everyone”. After that Ali shakes my hand and says “son your article was very emotional, I don’t know how to thank you”. His daughter says “I read it with tears”.

Another day passes with good and sad things altogether…



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