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Aşı Bay

18 August 2018

I wake up at the Sarıgerme the one club hotel. I have big room with a balkony and a pool view right in front of me.

I wake up early to write yesterday’s story. And after that I have two plates of nice breakfast. Since it is an open buffet, I can pick the healthiest food. Well actually my breakfast session continues until the lunch today, because when I arrive to the Aşı Bay, the owner of the place, Caner, invites me to have another nice breakfast with him.

I will discover the Aşı Bay today but before that I have a breakfast as good as the open buffet at the hotel.

It is difficult to reach to the Aşı Bay but it has a unique nature. We reach there in 30 minutes from Sarıgerme but it is because of the road, it is not that far actually.

First I jump into the sea but the zipline at the top attracts my attention. It is a special thing that people slide. After few more jumps I get to the zipline. I use it twice, form once side to another. Even though it is not too fast, looking to the ground from this height is very exciting.

But for another exciting activity we take a small boat. Caner’s brother takes me 400 meters far from the shore where there are caves. I shoot amazing videos at that place. I also dive with a small hand engine but it is slow so I get bored very quick. It is made to go without having an effort but it doesn’t work that well.

This place has an amazing turquoise color because of the natural waters coming from the caves. It is amazing to swim here with or without an engine only looking to the view is even amazing enough. After swimming for sometime the guy who brings me here goes up to a rock and jumps, so I need to jump as well. They say it is 15 meters high but I am guessing that it is 12 meters.

I jump from there and I finish my tour at the beach.

When I get back to the hotel, I have a small talk with the owner of the hotel, Muammer. He used to work as a dean at the Istanbul University as a professor. I met so many big business owners so far and almost all of them complain but Muammer is fine. “I made my team and my arrangements, I just control them” he says. When I learn that he used to be at the administration at the University, things get clear.



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