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Art of Dalyan

24 August 2018 Friday

I go to sleep by planning to wake up at 5 am to write the story of the day before. I feel tired at night but I wake up easily in the morning. Writing in the morning feels easier.

After that I am heading to the Dalaman Airport…

Today my girlfriend Elya is coming from Moscow. I didn’t realize when I arrive but the Dalaman airport is a big and beautiful airport, maybe I feel like that because I go there with full of excitement.

We stop by at the Sulfur thermal water on the way back to The One Club Hotel in Sarıgerme. Elya said that she liked the place very much and going there once was not enough for me.

The beauty of the place attracts me again and again. I guess I would feel the same even after coming here ten times. And Elya is amazed as soon as she sees the place. She takes very nice pictures from unusual angels. She is a director of the marketing and advertising department of a well known Russian company, so she is familiar with these things.

After that we meet with our team to have an art tour in Dalyan.

First we visit the Nur Art Gallery at the central square next to the central mosque. Almost all are made in Turkey with few exceptions. Almost all are handmade. The manager gives me a small present about Dalyan. I haven’t been taking anything from the places I visit for years but Dalyan is different already. This present will remind me these nice days in the future.

Later, we get to the Arteast shop at the street of bars. I check the things they sell as amazed as Elya. The place is full of handmade clothes and crafts from all around Turkey. I couldn’t believe when I learn that the 80 percent of the accessories in the shop are handmade by one of the owners because there are approximately thousand pieces. Almost all are handmade but they are special, not like one of those basic handmade things, it is obvious.

Further on at the tour we get to a studio of a craftsman. As soon as I get in, I understand that we get to the most impressive stop of the tour. This is Mustafa Demirtaş’s, Wood Art Gallery (Odun Sanat Evi) who moved here from Izmir. I meet him while he is carving a log and making it priceless. Mustafa is telling the message on the wood and continues working at the same time. After we continue chatting, he shows us his art gallery at the backside.

He has dozens of art at this two floored small place. He discovered his skill 40 years ago but just like many other artists, he creates and continues working on the next object. He doesn’t promote or do marketing, he lives a humble life at one of the back streets of Dalyan. He sells these amazing pieces of art only when people learn and come visit him.

I think not receiving support is the common destiny of the modest artists, Mustafa is having that struggle as well. After having a look every single piece of art he does, we talk about all that over a cup of coffee.

We have the lunch and the dinner at the Çağrı Restaurant. For the lunch we have some meat and vegetables, at night we move to the fish section. The people at the restaurant cover the whole table with food. When we are about to finish the horseman of the police force that I met a week ago in Sarıgerme arrive. I recognize the horses before the officers. I get into the middle of these beautiful beasts and feed them with carrot that they give from the restaurant.

At night we move with Elya from The One Club Hotel in Sarıgerme to the BC Spa Hotel in Dalyan.

I show Dalyan at night to Elya since I know the town as good as I know my home.



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