A poet once wrote “If the soul is sleeping dreams wonder naked”. With our hectic modern lives, noise pollution, crowded streets and the constant traffic noise, the thought of peace, tranquility and the soothing heat of the sun is just a dream.


Our minds conjure up images of blue skies, warm sun, beaches with turquoise waters and golden sands, welcoming friendly people, a safe haven for all the family to relax and rejuvenate mind, body & soul. When you are ready to turn your dreams into reality, we suggest you experience our little piece of paradise. This place is Dalyan.


When you enter Dalyan’s border an infusion of orange, lemon and pomegranate trees with their subtle perfumed scents greet you. At this moment you can leave your stresses behind – now you are entering into the heart of nature. Dalyan once a small fishing village has become a popular destination for tourists who are fascinated by history and nature. The ancient city of Kaunos and the 3000 year old rock tombs are enchanting, along with the famous 8km long Iztuzu beach where the Aegean & Mediterranean Seas meet, home to the rare and endangered Caretta Caretta turtle.

Dalyan benefits from being close to the Sea and fresh water lakes which are linked by a 12km long canal that runs through the centre of Dalyan, with  Köyceðiz wharf at one end, and Iztuzu beach at the other – all of which present great swimming opportunity’s. The canals natural water and dense, tall reeds are a haven and home to 180 bird species. Indigenous to the area are the wonderful Günlük trees which resins produce a perfume known as Frankinsense. In addition, nature has generously provided us with an array of butterfly species, along with exquisite flora and fauna. The history, nature, natural hot springs and mud baths makes Dalyan a memorable place to stay and visit.